What’s Wrong with Dressing “Like a Girl”?

Spring is finally here!  In the fashion world, of course a new season means new clothes.  This year’s spring seasonal fashion features a prominent focus on pastels, flowers and ruffles. Upon first glance, this focus on feminine styles feels like quite the juxtaposition to the times we are living in. As the cultural conversation focuses on the equity and empowerment of women, it emphasizes what we all know to be true: it’s not easy being a woman.

And it is the numerous challenges we face that oftentimes have us dressing in our suits (of armor). Dark colors and sharp shapes are the obvious signs of wanting to be taken seriously by a male dominated hierarchy. “Dressing like a girl” has been regarded as an offense to the movement.

But with these new spring fashions comes a chance to see things differently. There’s beauty and there’s power in the lightness of this season’s fashions. Challenging the status quo while relishing in our femininity is an act worth celebrating. Creating safe spaces for girls and women while dressing as a woman is a beautiful example of the inherent strength in femininity.

So have you allowed yourself to feel pretty recently? Have you allowed yourself to have fun with your clothes? There’s power in owning our femininity and there’s no better time than this spring to show it off.

Below you’ll find two styles that instantly add some “pretty” to the dullest of wardrobes. I am in no way receiving any kind of commission for these suggestions (at least not yet), so let me know what you think and what your #SmartShopping finds are that make you enjoy being a woman.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,




 Nothing is more feminine than ruffles. 
This pencil skirt is office ready  with a white button down & nude pumps.
A white tank, jean jacket & sandals makes it weekend cute.
On sale for $35 makes it a steal!  Click on the image to purchase from New York & Company!







Florals are having a moment.
If wearing a bouquet just isn’t your thing, try a small dose on your feet.

These Salvatore Ferragamo’s are definitely an investment that add color, novelty and polish to any outfit.





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