Thoughts Become Things

Newsflash: What you believe is what you experience in the world.  
Have you been carrying the belief that your body is “impossible” to dress?  That nothing ever works because your (fill in the blank) body part is too (fill in the blank).  By holding on to that belief, you are actually creating that reality.  Thoughts become things, so the more negative you think about finding clothes that flatter your shape, the harder it becomes.

It’s time for a new belief.  And a new reality.  

That’s is why I am SO excited that 
Loft is the official sponsor of my “Body Love” workshop.  Theirinclusive sizing and wide variety of silhouettes will allow attendees to see with their own eyes’ new realities about their bodies.  The amazing team at the Loft at Atlantic Stationstore will be bringing tons of items for all of us to try on.
You’ll get expert advice from me on what works for you, moral support from your new friends, AND a 25% coupon to go purchase those items from any Loft store!  

I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning!  See below for 2 of my fave new items from Loft that I can’t wait to see modeled by you!

If you’re tired of battling your body and your closet, it’s time to change your beliefs and your experience with clothes.  Purchase tickets here.

I can’t wait to see you Saturday at 10am here in Atlanta.  

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,

Finding pants can be the bane of any woman’s existence.  These beauties prove curve-friendly pants don’t have to be black.  
This top combines 4 flattering components: 1. A peplum to define the waist.  2. Long sleeves to cover arms. 3. Vneck to show a sliver of skin. 4. Vertical stripes to elongate.  #Winner

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