You Are Just as Gorgeous As Princess Meghan

So, a wedding happened this weekend.  And while I of course enjoyed seeing what everyone wore, the moment that most resonated with me was when Harry looked at his bride and said, “You look amazing, I am so lucky.”

Of course Meghan looked absolutely breathtaking, but I truly believe that comment was about more than her dress.  The absolute love that was in his eyes proved that behind the dress, the tiara, the makeup, he saw HER, all of her, in her truest form.  This is what fairy tales really are all about. 

We all want someone to look at us like Harry does Meghan, but do we know what to do when that happens? Can we stand as confident as Meghan did, accepting her inherent regal beauty, or do we look away, fidget, or even worse, tell our admirer to “stop looking at us so hard.”  I know I’m guilty of the latter.

If you’re like me, you’re probably used to being admired for your work ethic, professional success, or for the great pair of shoes you’re wearing.  That admiration is something “earned” by putting forth effort (or by knowing how to shop wisely).

But being adored is different.  When someone sees us as gorgeous, it has nothing to do with what we’ve accomplished.  It’s about our inner divinity shining through, the most beautiful part of us that simply has to show up and just BE.  As counter intuitive as it sounds, it takes work to accept that kind of adoration.

Building the right style foundation is part of that work.  Some women hide behind masks of crazy prints, excessive jewelry or designer labels.  Other women use the all black or oversized uniform to avoid attracting any attention (and therefore adoration) at all.  Both extremes block the possibility of the fairy tale: to be seen and loved exactly as you are.

Being gorgeous isn’t a choice.  You already are.  But allowing others to see you as such is a choice.  And feeling good about what you’re wearing makes that decision easier. 

Using Meghan’s dress as inspiration, see below for two of #SmartShopping finds that are prefect for summer.  Off the shoulder styles frame the face and show off the sexiest part of EVERY woman’s body: her shoulders.  Please promise me to give one a try and relish being adored.


Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,


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