Rest to Resurrect

Hi There,
I hope this Good Friday finds you in good spirits and health, despite all of the heaviness surrounding us.

During this time of quarantine, I’ve been forced to confront my life long struggle of being still. 

I’m always rushing to get to the “next thing”: get the next job, take the relationship to the next level, move to the next city, accomplish the next task.  This constant “going” has helped me in my corporate and entrepreneurial ventures but it’s also been a detriment to my health and relationships.

Friends encourage me to rest and “chill out,” to which I respond, “I don’t even know what that means!” I’ve always been so focused on DOING, I’ve been unable to just BE.

A friend of mine and fellow author, Padma Gordon, wrote an amazing book titled “Being Together.”  In it she unpacks the keys to happy, fulfilled relationships not just with others, but also with ourselves.  As my writing and accountability partner, she helped me uncover what’s been driving my speed racer mentality:  a deep desire to be loved and accepted; a need to prove my “worthiness” to the world.

It’s no coincidence that my own book is about feeling worthy. Writing The Worthy Wardrobe was my way of working through these feelings of “not enough-ness.”  By sharing my challenges it was my hope that I would discover I’m not alone. I am so incredibly thankful I’ve found my tribe in the Worthy Wardrobe Community.

Right now we have the opportunity to either continue busy-ing ourselves or to truly reset. When I come out of my apartment, I want to come out better. I want to do things differently and experience and appreciate life on a deeper, slower level.

I’ve decided there’s no better time than Holy Week to sit and truly rest in God’s love for me, you and the entire planet. Taking this time to be still is my way of being kinder and gentler with myself. I’m learning to give myself more grace, moment by moment. It’s a process but I’m trying to just be present and not judge or rush my way through it.

This Easter Sunday, I encourage you to think about, pray for and meditate on what your mind, body and soul truly need during this time. Maybe it’s rest, maybe it’s help, maybe it’s more chocolate. Whatever it is, you’re worthy of receiving it.

And on Monday night, the Worthy Wardrobe Community will be talking about breaking the rules that have held us back from showing up as our best, brightest, most joyful selves. You can join us by purchasing your copy of my book here:  I hope to see you there.  

I love and appreciate you all and wish you nothing but the best.
Yours in Style, Shopping & Soul,

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