The Monday Blues


Back when I worked in corporate merchandising, my Monday Blues  would start around 6pm on Sunday.  That’s when I would open the weekend selling reports and instantly what next day’s vibes were going to be in the office.

One of the ways I channeled that nervous energy was by outfit-prepping.  Think of it as meal-prepping for your closet instead of your fridge.  

I would look at my calendar and see what big meetings I had, with whom I would be interacting and where I would be going.  I would ask myself how I wanted to feel and be perceived for every event.  I then determined my outfits accordingly.

Sometimes if I had an especially busy week, I would even put post-its on the hanger so I could just grab and go.  This is a habit I still practice to this day, per this pic is from my own closet.

While planning my outfits didn’t ensure that my Monday was going to always be stellar, it did help me start the work week with one thing under control: my image.  This 30 minute practice helped me feel prepared and confident going into the work week.

As I mention in my feature in Black Enterpriseif you’re not willing to invest the time into your wardrobe and yourself, how can you expect a boss or business partner to invest in you and your career or business? #ShamelessPlug

If you woke up this Monday morning dreading getting dressed, then make this the last week you waste time standing in your closet complaining that you have“nothing to wear.”
You deserve to have options that you love.  A wardrobe that works for your life and conveys confidence and competence.  Allow me to help you build it.
This Friday is the last day for the Back to School sale on the Fashion Finesse package.
After three sessions together, your closet will be full only of items that make you feel like you can take on the world.  And most importantly, you’ll know how to get the most wear out of each and every item.  

Contact me today to schedule a call and take advantage of the 33% discount.

Below are a two #SmartShoppingSteals that will help you handle those Monday Blues in style.  Let me know how you plan to rock this week at work!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,


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