Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

As someone who does a ton of networking, I know firsthand that starting a conversation with a stranger can be a bit daunting.
Here’s my trick: I let my clothes do the talking.  Literally.

A fun jacket, bold color or statement necklace are just a few examples of what I call “Conversation Starters.”  When wearing items like these, compliments are received, questions get asked, and voila, a connection is made.

During these conversations, I often hear women say, “I wish I could pull off something as bold as that.”  And my response is always: “What’s the rule in your head that says you can’t?”  And I have yet to hear an answer that’s based on logic or truth.  All of them are based in fear: fear of being perceived as “too much” or fear of being seen at all.  And as I’ve shared with you before, I’ve totally been there.

Here’s the thing: visibility from others can’t come until we first see ourselves.  So what do you see when you look in the mirror?  Do you see a woman that’s confident in all of who she is and is ready to share herself with the world?  Or do you avoid the mirror all together, telling yourself that you’ll start to pay attention to that reflection when you lose the weight, get a new job or when the kids are off to college? 

Every day you get to choose how you see yourself.  That choice impacts how you treat yourself, what you say to yourself and how you choose to dress yourself; all of which then influences how others see you (or if they even see you at all).

So why not choose to present an image of confidence?  Even if you’re not feeling all the way there yet, when you wear Conversation Starters like the ones below, I promise no one will notice.  They will be too busy talking about how great you look. 

Below are a few suggestions for tweed blazers that are great for transitional weather and get you noticed.  And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not (yet) receiving any kind of commission.

Let me know how you are getting the conversations started this week!

Yours in Style, Shopping, and Soul,

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