A Present for You on My Birthday

This Friday, I turn 35.  Wow.  I’m officially middle-aged.  

While this past year has had its ups, downs, losses and gains, there’s one thing I’ve done that I’m really proud of: I’ve shown up.  

I’ve been in rooms and on stages where I thought I didn’t belong or wasn’t “accomplished enough.”  But thanks to my faith, my family and my friends, I showed up anyway.  
And once the speech was over or the experience complete, I would always end up saying to myself “Wow, Morgan, you did it.  The very thing you were scared to do was exactly what you needed.  The very thing you were hesitant to say was exactly what the audience needed to hear.  The big room of strangers you were nervous to enter turned out to be a room full of new friends and new opportunities.”  
With each year I’m learning how to show up as more of myself.  Each day I’m working on removing self-imposed limits, speaking up for what I want and trusting the universe to provide it.  The more I show up and share my experiences and expertise, the more confirmation I receive that I am walking in my purpose.  And that’s what excites me about this birthday. Here’s my not-so secret secret about showing up: the better I feel about what I’m wearing, the easier it is to share more of who I’m becoming.  One of the ways I love showing up is with jewelry.  It’s my favorite way to make an outfit my own.  Big earrings and bold necklaces are the ultimate conversation starters.  But so many women deprive themselves of the joy that jewelry brings.  Either they are intimated by all that’s out there, haven’t given themselves permission to experiment or don’t think it’s worth the investment.  

If any (or all) of those resonate with you, here are three things I share with my clients when I take them shopping for fashion jewelry: 

     1.    Have fun!  You can’t show up by blending in, so don’t be afraid to try big stones or bright color.  It’s just jewelry!  It’s supposed to bring freshness to a look, not staleness.  Ditch the boxed sets, and mix things up.  

     2.    Wear one impact piece at a time.  As a conversation starter, jewelry is supposed to draw attention but not overshadow you.  If you’re wearing a great necklace, do a small earring like a pearl or diamond stud.  If your ears are decked out, then keep your neck bare.  Anything more distracts from the most important element: your face.  

     3.    Don’t spend a lot for quality.  Cheap jewelry makes any outfit look juvenile and…cheap.  But well-made pieces at most mainstream retailers are marked up ridiculously high.  Stores are literally banking on impulse or last minute purchases.  Don’t fall victim.  

In order to make jewelry shopping easier for you, I am super excited to announce my partnership with Marked by Mull, an Atlanta based jewelry company.  Danielle, the owner, does an amazing job of finding the EXACT same pieces as the mall, and then offers them at super affordable prices.

Her incredible earrings can jazz up a dress for the company holiday party or make the perfect gift.  And because it’s my birthday, she’s offering  25% off with code “MORGAN25”.  That discount includes all of these fab earrings I’m wearing here.  

You literally have no excuse not to experience all the joy that jewelry has to offer.  Below are two more of my faves from her line. Check them out and send me pics of you showing up in style.   That truly would make my birthday even better!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,


These $22 Statement earrings work just as well with jeans and a sweater as they do with a simple cocktail dress.
And if they look familiar, you might have seen them at a store that rhymes with “G. Brew” 😉 
If you’re not ready to go big and bright, at least go big with this timeless, $18 Classic Tortoise pair. 
They will look super chic with a ponytail and turtleneck or white button down.  

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