What Are You Breaking Free From This Independence Day?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of taking in all that New York city has to offer, working with some incredible new clients and preparing for some exciting presentations.

During this time, many women have shared with me specific style “rules” that influence their personal style: 

“This one top only goes with this one set of pants and I only wear both of these items to work.”  

“Black is the only color I need: it’s slimming, professional and goes with everything.”

“I could never wear open toed shoes to work.  They aren’t professional, even if the dress code is business casual.”

What these women were calling “rules,” I call “blocks” because these beliefs were literally blocking them from experiencing all that the world of style and their own closets had to offer. And I’d be willing to bet that you too have some self-imposed style blocks, ideas that you’ve deemed as “true” about your wardrobe that might not actually be so. 

As we celebrate the independence of our country, I challenge you break free from these “rules” that are holding you back from showing up as your best self.

In order to start the process, ask yourself the following questions when getting dressed:

1. What is there a lot of in my closet?  
Are these items foundations that I mix with a variety of pieces or are these my safety nets that stop me from trying something new?
2. What drove me to accumulate these items?
Dread of going shopping?  Desperation?  Denial of my new body shape or lifestyle? Doubt that I’ll find anything that works for me?
3. What’s the underlying belief I’ve been dressing by and where did it come from?
Is the “I can’t show my arms because they are too big” rule even mine?  Or did I get it from my mother, best friend, or some magazine?
4. What’s this belief stopping me from trying or doing?
Am I not maximizing the items I already own by not wearing them in new ways?  Is my all black wardrobe causing me to blend in and not stand out?    Am I turning down invitations and dates because I have “nothing to wear?”
5. What’s the one thing I can do today to stop this belief from ruling over me?  
Wear the jewelry I save for “special occasions.”  Buy the pink cardigan instead of the black one (and actually wear it!)  Forgive myself for the extra pounds and try on an item that flatters my body instead of hides it.

If you’re ready to experience true style freedom, schedule a consult with me.  During this time we’ll talk about what’s been holding you back from looking your best and come up with a plan. It could be simply exploring your closet for new outfit ideas during the Purge & Plan or shopping for new items with the Fashion Finesse.  
Remember that “no open toed shoe” rule I mentioned?  Yes, it was a shocker for me too.  But a polished, block heeled sandal is comfortable, dressy enough for work and summer-season appropriate.

Check out my #SmartShopping finds below and let me know what style rules you’re breaking free from!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,

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