It’s Time to Shed Your Grave Clothes

A few Sunday’s ago, my pastor encouraged us to “take our grave clothes off and start living life to the fullest.”  Of course, whenever and wherever the topic of clothes comes up, I take notes.

While some may read John 11:44 and think of “grave clothes” solely as the clothes in which  we are buried, in the context of the sermon (and this email), our grave clothes are the things keeping us stuck in the past. 

For me, my “grave clothes” was a pattern in my personal life that until recently, I kept repeating over and over again.  My shame and guilt kept me on a hamster wheel of bad decisions, preventing me from moving forward.  But thanks to some big breakthroughs, I finally have the faith and confidence to make different choices . And while it was scary at first, each baby step I take is far more enjoyable than that daggone hamster wheel.

For some women, their grave clothes are more literal.  While in a client’s closet yesterday, I uncovered that the real reason she didn’t enjoy getting dressed each morning was because she was forced to face her size 4 jeans that no longer fit.  Those jeans were a constant reminder of what size she USED to wear, the life she USED to live and the person she USED to be.

Instead of celebrating the beautifully curvy body, amazing kids and successful life she has now, she was mourning the loss of her old self.  And her drab wardrobe reflected that.  It was time for us to remove her grave clothes so that she could be confident and excited about the life she’s living right now.

This is why I’m so excited about my upcoming Body Love workshop.  During this three hour workshop I get to help more women acknowledge the grief and resentment we all have about our bodies and show them how to move forward.

This isn’t just about learning your measurements and buying new clothes.  It’s about honoring yourself and giving your body temple the love it deserves. 

I truly hope you join me on Saturday May 4thAnd please bring your best friend, your mother or daughter.  It’s our collective chance to rise up as the beautiful divine beings we were created to be.  Click HERE to get your tickets and check out the video below to learn more.

Have a blessed holiday weekend and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

Yours in Style, Shopping & Soul,


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