Client Feedback

Congratulations, you did it!

Being honest about your image and making an investment in yourself isn’t always easy, but you did it. You knew you needed to make a change in how you were showing up in the world and you took action to change your wardrobe. You should be proud of yourself, my friend.

Thank you very much for trusting me with your wardrobe needs. I learn so much from working with my clients and would appreciate your honest feedback about our time working together. Lastly, if you know if any women like you who you think would benefit from my services or any organizations that would be good business partners, please share their contact information.

Thank you again and please keep in touch! I want to hear (and see) how your looking!
Yours in style, shopping and soul,


  • My business thrives on referrals; please list 3 individuals or businesses that you believe would benefit from my services
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