If You Can’t Commit, Don’t Click

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and heeded my advice of staying away from the malls.  Now with  Cyber Monday ahead, I wanted to provide you with my top 3 tips to make the most of online shopping.

1.    Commit to returns. 
The remaining tips are all based on this first one, it’s that critical!  Committing to returns of course means making sure everything is returnable, but also being willing to do what it takes to get your money back. Whether it’s going to the store or the post office, make sure you commit to the process.  
I’ve had a few clients with closets full of too small/too big/too ugly items that they didn’t bother returning.  And that wasted money hurt my heart almost as much as it hurt their pocketbooks.
Thankfully many retailers extend their return window until after the holidays so you have time, but again, check the return policy.  
If you’re brave and willing to try the “boutiques” advertising on social media, be OK with wasting a few bucks if the items aren’t as expected (as they usually aren’t). Many times shipping the item back costs more than the item itself so you’re better off giving the item away.  Don’t keep it in your closet and allow it to take up space!

2.    Order multiple sizes.   
This is especially true for shoes and pants.  If you’re the familiar with the brand and the item, then there’s probably no need, but if it’s something new, then save yourself the hassle of exchanging/waiting for the next size to arrive.  Knowing your measurements can’t insure a perfect fit, as often size charts are standard and not to the specific item or even brand.  Just order two, while being prepared to return.  

3.    Get out of neutral and try some color!  
Because of all the great deals going on, stock up on staples in multiple colors. Those same pair of pants will make your butt look just as great in burgundy or orange as they do in black.  Have fun and experiment with all that the world of color has to offer.

In the spirit of virtual shopping, I’m offering a Cyber Style package. 

I usually save this service for my international clients, but am opening up to anyone that doesn’t want to leave their house and deal with the malls!

This package also works especially well with petite, tall or plus clients who unfortunately don’t have a ton of options in stores.

The Cyber Style Package includes: 

  • Virtual closet session where you show me what you own and we discuss how’d you like to look each morning and what’s stopping you from getting there.
  • Personal online shopping catalog.  I navigate through all of the holiday sales and curate a wardrobe selection based on your style goals, size and budget.  You click on the items you like and purchase.  This tool will be your own personal web page curated specifically for you that you can always refer back to.  Check out an example of a Private Online Closet here.
  • Virtual Outfit Planning: once all of your items arrive, chat with me again as we put everything together.

In less than a week, wardrobe gaps will be filled and your closet will be updated to help you handle the holiday season in style!
This $250 Cyber Style deal is only available through Tuesday, so contact me today to take advantage of all the holiday sales. 

I can’t wait to work with you and help you build a wardrobe you love!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,

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