Give Yourself the Gift of Body Love

These last few months, I’ve been talking a lot about looking ahead and determining what you want your life to look like.  And now that the end of the year really is here, it’s game time.

January is literally around the corner, and of course that comes with New Year’s resolutions.  And while I’m all about self-awareness and making changes, in January there’s often an underlying message that there’s something wrong with us.  Something that we need to fix, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our bodies.  Everyone is back in the gym and starting the diets that will hopefully get us to a “better” version of ourselves.

But here’s the thing: real change first requires acceptance.  My own journey to healthy living and weight loss is still on-going (if you know me, you know how much I love Domino’s pizza), but making the decision to love myself exactly as I am was the first critical step.  Once I decided that there’s nothing wrong with me or my big hips, and that I’m beautiful regardless of what size pants I’m currently wearing, was when I finally felt motivated to take small steps of healthy living every day.

So instead of beating yourself up for not being able to fit into your favorite dress, why not try a different approach? 
On January 12th I’m offering a workshop that will change the way you see your body and clothing.  As I travel the country speaking to professional and collegiate audiences, so many women share how much they hate their bodies and have no idea how to flatter their figure.

My “Body Love” class was created as an answer to those questions.  During this 2 hour class we’ll uncover the myths behind industry sizing and the secrets to highlighting your unique figure.  Upon completion of the class you’ll know your exact body shape and what clothes, shoes and accessories showcase your inherent beauty.  

“But Morgan, at my current weight, there’s nothing beautiful about me.” 

That’s a complete and utter lie.  Everybody and every BODY has features that deserve attention and some areas that need a bit of camouflaging.  I’ve styled women ranging in sizes from 0 to 32, and I can tell you that each woman has their own hangups.  After our time together, you will literally see your body how I see it: gorgeous, sexy and worthy of beautiful clothes. 

“But Morgan, it’s the holiday season.  My money is tapped out buying gifts.”  
Because I want to spread the gospel of Body Love to as many women as possible, I’ve priced this class at $50.  If you’ve ever considered working with me, this is a great way to equip yourself with the knowledge of what items work for your shape.
As a result of attending, time and money will be saved (you’ll be more selective with what you’re trying on and won’t waste money on impulse buys that never get worn.)  And there will be no more mental and emotional anguish of blaming yourself when something doesn’t fit.
I truly hope you will join me at 10am on Saturday, January 12th at The Gathering Spot, here in Atlanta.  This fun, interactive class is also a great way to spend time with your girlfriends and makes a great gift! 

I want to help you start 2019 by loving every inch of the skin you’re in.

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,


What voice are you listening to when it comes to your body? 
If it’s not the one telling you that you’re beautiful, then it’s time to make a change.

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