Let’s Break Free in 2019!

Happy New Year!
Every year I like to set an intention for the year.  It’s an area I want to focus on, resulting in manifestations that are in accordance with that theme.

And I must admit, in 2018 I didn’t do such a great job choosing.  My intention was discipline, because I wanted to really get “tough” with myself in my business.  And toughness is exactly what I got. 

I planned a lot, executed some of it and essentially forced myself to do what I felt like I“should” do, instead of what I wanted. The result was always a cycle of short-lived intense productivity, burn out (Netflix & Dominos), beating myself up, setting new rules, and repeat.  Honestly, it was exhausting.   Every moment of rest was riddled with guilt.  And as I’ve mentioned before, my best moments happened when I wasn’t trying or forcing.  

Only 9% of Americans will achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. So that means that 91% of us will fail at improving our physical, spiritual, emotional and financial health. But why do we fail? Because we lack sustainable motivation.  In my case, striving to be “disciplined” wasn’t motivating.  Nor was it sustainable.

Yesterday, my good friend and coach Crystal Andrews asked about my 2019 intention.  After rambling about how tough it was to stay disciplined last year, Crystal helped me determine what I really wanted this year to be about: FREEDOM!  

I am giving myself the freedom to think new thoughts, the freedom to try new things, the freedom to choose joy, and the freedom to live life on my own terms.  

And I want the same for you.  One of the biggest blocks to freedom for so many women is our bodies.
We think that if we’re tough with our bodies, if we work out really hard, deprive ourselves of the food we enjoy, dress in all black, and hide the “bad parts,” our bodies will finally be worth us loving.  #Lies
But like my business goals of 2018, when discipline comes from a place of obligation instead of motivation, real change is not sustainable.   

That’s why I’m kicking the year off with my“Body Love” workshop.  During this 2 hour class we’ll uncover the myths behind industry sizing and the secrets to highlighting your unique figure.

By learning how to use clothes to compliment your body as it is RIGHT NOW, you’ll be able to see how beautiful it already is.  And once you see your body’s beauty, you’ll start to appreciate it.  Appreciation then turns into motivation to make those sustainable healthier choices.
This literally is my own story of how I freed myself from the weight of guilt, shame, and baggy cardigans.  Tickets are selling quickly, so reserve your seat HERE to get free with me.

Honoring our bodies with beautiful clothes isn’t only for workwear and social-wear.  It also applies to our loungewear.  Because let’s be honest: coming home and putting on the diaper-butt sweatpants and ratty teeshirt doesn’t do much for our confidence or sex appeal.
Atlanta based and woman-owned line Dayo, came to conquer the loungewear market with luxurious but functional pieces that literally support your curves.  Learn more about their collaboration with Chili from TLC and see my fave item from the collection below.

What’s your intention this year?  What are you focusing on and breaking free from?  Let me know so I can support you in making 2019 your best year yet!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,

Nobody exudes effortless sexy like Chili.  Check out her People magazine feature and comments on Dayo here.
You can’t tell me this Elegant High Waist Skirt is not infinitely sexier than those sweatpants!  And with pockets and a lining, it’s a practical but gorgeous investment.

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