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The Worthy Wardrobe

by Morgan A. Wider

As a wardrobe stylist, I’ve been in the closets of hundreds of women, and I know first hand that getting dressed each morning is never just about the clothes. How we choose to dress is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves: our bodies, our personality, our professional and personal goals, our place in society, and our budgets.

The Worthy Wardrobe explores these intersections and the complicated relationship women have with clothes. I wrote this book to help women learn to love themselves so that getting dressed each morning becomes a joyful experience. Part memoir, part style guide, The Worthy Wardrobe will help readers build a wardrobe and image that reflects their inherent Worthiness.

In this book, you’ll learn about Spirituality, Style, and Shopping:

Because how we think and feel about ourselves is the foundation for everything we do. Each of us first must learn to love the amazing, divine, spiritual beings that we are.

Personal Style is a journey, not a destination. As our lives change, so do our bodies. As the way we see ourselves changes, so does the way others see us. A stylish wardrobe is about having clothes that honor the person we are at this point in our lives.

By investing in a wardrobe we love, we communicate to the world that our ideas, our goals, our businesses are also worthy of investment. As a personal shopper, I provide my tried and true tactics for making a smart and stylish purchase.

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In addition to purchasing a paperback copy of the book you are invited to join my online Worthy Wardrobe Community.  In this Facebook group, I host live sessions directly from my closet.  We discuss portions of the book as well as answer any and all of your style questions.  You’ll get access to an expert stylist and community of amazing women. 

You will love this book if you want to be empowered when shopping and getting dressed each morning.

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