Don’t Buy Dumb Stuff This Black Friday

Hello There, 
You may be surprised to know that this is my least favorite time of year to go shopping.  It’s during this time that I no longer have my happy place (the mall) to myself.  I especially loathe Black Friday.  

During my 10 years in corporate retail, it was my job to determine the big Black Friday deals and then volunteer in the stores to see if my decisions were a success.  And  I still don’t understand why folks would wait in hour long lines just to get a deal on pajama pants.

Even as someone who loves a bargain, the crowds and the dramatics for clothing are just not worth it for me.  Now a TV or computer, or big-time appliance?  Absolutely!  But anything that belongs in my closet? No thank you.  

Here are the three things retailers don’t want you to know about Black Friday and why waiting in those lines just isn’t worth it to me:

1.    For most stores, the major black Friday deals are garments that have been cost engineered to be sold at a low price.  This means the quality of the garment might not be as great as the store’s other items, especially when it comes to fabric.  
2.    Because most of the product is older Fall product that needs to be gone to make room for new collections, most of the “Black Friday deals” will move to permanently reduced clearance next week.  Often times those prices are at (or even below) the Black Friday price. 
3.    New winter product is going to be setting next week, at the latest December week 1.  This will be mostly gifting product (i.e. sweaters, pajamas and accessories).  This product also has a short shelf life and will start to go on promotion around Dec week 3 at the absolute latest.  

I hope these tips help you enjoy more time with your family Thanksgiving night but for those of you that love the thrill, I want to remind you that a bargain is only a bargain if you’re actually going to wear it.  Don’t get caught up in the hype and come home with a bunch of items you don’t love or don’t fit your body, personality or lifestyle.

Make sure to print a copy of my Smart Style Guide and take it with you.  I promise that by spending a few minutes evaluating before you swipe will help you make decisions that your pocketbook and closet can be happy about.  

In the spirit of making a purchase you’ll never regret, I’ve been converting a few recent clients to suede moto jackets.  Softer and more approachable than black leather, these jackets are a bad a** substitute for blazers.   I own several colors and wear them with practically everything. Just make sure they’re REAL suede (fake suede can look really cheap) and that you spray them with water protector spray.   Check out two of great jackets below.  

As gratitude is the real reason for Thanksgiving (not shopping), I want to thank each and everyone one of you.  Thank you for reading (and responding to these emails) and thank you for your business.  Being your stylist truly makes my heart sing.  

Have a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,


Not gonna lie, finding a real suede plus sized jacket was hard.  But this caramel beauty was worth the hunt and absolutely worth the splurge.  
This $200 steal comes in FIVE gorgeous colors but my fave is this smokey brown.  It will work with almost anything.

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