Author: Morgan Wider

You Are Just as Gorgeous As Princess Meghan

So, a wedding happened this weekend.  And while I of course enjoyed seeing what everyone wore, the moment that most resonated with me was when Harry looked at his bride and said, “You look amazing, I am so lucky.”

Of course Meghan looked absolutely breathtaking, but I truly believe that comment was about more than her dress.  The absolute love that was in his eyes proved that behind the dress, the tiara, the makeup, he saw HER, all of her, in her truest form.  This is what fairy tales really are all about. 

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What Are We Teaching Our Daughters?

Last week I had the opportunity to engage with a group of beautiful, bright, inquisitive middle-schoolers at  the Atlanta Girls School.  During my time with them, I spoke about loving their bodies, no matter their current jeans size.

As someone who has worked in the retail industry and was a decision maker for how garments are made, I wanted the girls to know that there are a number of reasons why a garment may not fit and that none of  those reasons have anything to do with their unique body shape or size.  I pleaded with them to not take anything personally when it comes to shopping for clothes. 

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Shopping for Conversation Starters

Since introducing the topic of Conversation Starters, I’ve been asked the following question several times about what to look for when shopping for these bold pieces: “Morgan, I have a ton of events where I need to command attention and will be photographed.  Why should I spend money on items that I’m only going to wear once?” 

Because the times when you need a boost of confidence and want to look your absolute best are not when you want to skimp.  Investing in a few Conversation Starters that will stand the test of time is critical.

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What’s Wrong with Dressing “Like a Girl”?

Spring is finally here!  In the fashion world, of course a new season means new clothes.  This year’s spring seasonal fashion features a prominent focus on pastels, flowers and ruffles. Upon first glance, this focus on feminine styles feels like quite the juxtaposition to the times we are living in. As the cultural conversation focuses on the equity and empowerment of women, it emphasizes what we all know to be true: it’s not easy being a woman.

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Why I Had to Make A Name Change

Now that we closing out the first quarter of 2018, I’m checking in to see how you’re doing with those new year resolutions. Are you still holding true to your plans of eating better, going to the gym? What about the deeper goals you had for yourself?
How are you doing at becoming not a new you, but the best you?
Here’s a confession: I too have been in the process of becoming my most authentic self.

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