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Let’s Break Free in 2019!

Happy New Year!
Every year I like to set an intention for the year.  It’s an area I want to focus on, resulting in manifestations that are in accordance with that theme.

And I must admit, in 2018 I didn’t do such a great job choosing.  My intention was discipline, because I wanted to really get “tough” with myself in my business.  And toughness is exactly what I got. 

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Give Yourself the Gift of Body Love

These last few months, I’ve been talking a lot about looking ahead and determining what you want your life to look like.  And now that the end of the year really is here, it’s game time.

January is literally around the corner, and of course that comes with New Year’s resolutions.  And while I’m all about self-awareness and making changes, in January there’s often an underlying message that there’s something wrong with us.  Something that we need to fix, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our bodies.  Everyone is back in the gym and starting the diets that will hopefully get us to a “better” version of ourselves.

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Have You Thought About 2019 Yet?

If you’re anything like me, you too feel that 2018 has totally flown by.  This past month, I’ve had some amazing opportunities: styling my first show for New York Fashion Week, hosting a shopping event for a celebrity golf tournament, walking a few red carpets and speaking to audiences about the impact image has on income.  Life has definitely been good! And I am so thankful for each opportunity and new friend I’ve made along the way.

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The Monday Blues


Back when I worked in corporate merchandising, my Monday Blues  would start around 6pm on Sunday.  That’s when I would open the weekend selling reports and instantly what next day’s vibes were going to be in the office.

One of the ways I channeled that nervous energy was by outfit-prepping.  Think of it as meal-prepping for your closet instead of your fridge.  

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Have You Been Living On Purpose?

It’s officially summer time, the midpoint of the year when we can review what we’ve done and where we’re headed.

The past six months have been transformative for me.  Wider Style has grown from being just a change in business name to the vehicle through which I empower women to love themselves just as they are.
By not letting my visibility fears stop me from walking in my purpose, I have evolved into the business owner, stylist, speaker and woman I am today.  Of course there have been challenges, but I finally feel like I’m no longer just showing up, but am finally standing out in the way I was destined to.  

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