Author: Morgan Wider

Rest to Resurrect

Hi There,
I hope this Good Friday finds you in good spirits and health, despite all of the heaviness surrounding us.

During this time of quarantine, I’ve been forced to confront my life long struggle of being still. 

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There’s No Limit to Amazing

Hi There,
Yesterday my good friend and life coach Shannon and I were practicing some social distancing while taking a walk in the park.  The sun was shining, the blue birds and cardinals were chirping, and the flowers were blooming.  While taking in all of Mother Nature’s beauty and discussing current events (personal and political), Shannon said something that stopped me in my tracks: “There’s no limit on amazing.”  

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The Courage to be Unforgettable

Hello There!
I’ve missed you! I trust that you’re taking care of yourself and are in good health.

The reason you haven’t heard from me in months is that I’ve been focused on writing my first book. Part memoir, part style guide, The Worthy Wardrobe will help you build a wardrobe that honors your soul. Now that the book is almost complete, I’m ready to publish and I am asking for your support.

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What These Past 3 Years Have Taught Me

Three years ago last week, I made a BIG change. I left the security of my corporate gig and made the life-changing, soul stretching leap into entrepreneurship.  The past three years have been a helluva ride. I’ve met so many interesting people, visited several companies and countries and found a sense of self I didn’t know was possible

To commemorate these past few years, here are 3 values that helped me make it this far:

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Have You Been Imagining Worse?

Hi There,
I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend!

A few weeks ago I took a long over due vacation to Barbados. I loved everything about the island: the beaches, the people, the food and the rum punch.  Taking a break from my business and seeing all of the surrounding beauty really helped me see a lot of things differently, including myself.

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Cleaning Out the Closets

I know it’s been a LONG time since you’ve heard from me.
I’ve been busy cleaning out A LOT of closets.  Some were literal closets of new clients, others were my own figurative closets.

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Thoughts Become Things

Newsflash: What you believe is what you experience in the world.  
Have you been carrying the belief that your body is “impossible” to dress?  That nothing ever works because your (fill in the blank) body part is too (fill in the blank).  By holding on to that belief, you are actually creating that reality.  Thoughts become things, so the more negative you think about finding clothes that flatter your shape, the harder it becomes.

It’s time for a new belief.  And a new reality.  

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