What These Past 3 Years Have Taught Me

Three years ago last week, I made a BIG change. I left the security of my corporate gig and made the life-changing, soul stretching leap into entrepreneurship.  The past three years have been a helluva ride. I’ve met so many interesting people, visited several companies and countries and found a sense of self I didn’t know was possible

To commemorate these past few years, here are 3 values that helped me make it this far:

1. Faith: Before 2016, I NEVER would have considered entrepreneurship. But it was my deepening faith that showed I had a purpose bigger than my current job title.  It was by this faith that I took baby step after step, which turned into the “leap” of answering my calling to helping women feel better about themselves. 

2. Visibility: The deeper my faith grows the more confident I become in myself and my work. Whenever the Universe calls (and yes, it calls everyone), it also equips us with everything we need to do the work.  It’s this confidence that quiets my panic and reminds me I belong in any room or on any stage. It’s this confidence that encourages me to share more of myself and practice what I preach: that we are all worthy of being seen.  

3. Community: By consistently showing and sharing more of who I am, I have met so many amazing people. I am incredibly thankful for the mentors and friends who “see” me and have poured advice, support and encouragement into me. I am thankful for the companies that hire me to support their teams.  I’m thankful for every woman that’s allowed me into her closet.  And I’m thankful for each of you that reads these, shares, and responds to these emails.

So what’s ahead for year four?!!
1. Book writing:  I’m incredibly excited (and a bit intimidated) to embark on the book writing process.  But this is where my faith AND YOU come in!  Because this book is meant for you, I want you to be apart of it.  I’m interviewing women across the country on what showing up means and I’d love to talk to YOU! If you’re willing to “go there” with me when it comes to clothes, body acceptance, and whatever else that comes up, click on the link to schedule a 30 minute interview:

2. Speaking Engagements: After a busy summer, I’m going back on the road with my Executive Styling workshops.  If your company, employee resource group, or association is looking to increase their Executive Presence, let’s chat: https://widerstyle.as.me/workshop

3. Clients and Closets: Because of these first two initiatives, my capacity for individual clients will be limited. If you’ve been reading these emails, thinking “one day I’m going to work with Morgan” now is the day…just in time for fall shopping. Schedule a meeting with me here to get started:  https://widerstyle.as.me/consult

4. As for number four, I’ll close with how I started: keeping the faith that whatever is ahead will be even bigger and better than what’s already come.

Speaking of fall, here are two flats that’ll be great once the temp actually starts to feel like fall.  Let me know what you think!

Thank you for the opportunity to make a living doing my life’s mission and purpose.  Your support truly means the world to me.  

Yours in Style, Shopping & Soul,

EVERY SINGLE client I have put in this Steve Madden Steal raves about how comfortable it is.  And yall already know how I feel about leopard.
There will NEVER be a time when Ferragamo doesn’t subtly say “I’ve arrived and I’m here to stay.” This flat says “Boss” even on casual days.

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