What Opportunities is 11/11 Preparing You For?

Hi There,
Today is a magical day! There’s a lot of spiritual and astrological significance to this date of November 11th.  What’s special about it for me is that 11/11 as a number is a reminder of the many doorways of opportunity that surround us, inviting us to take the steps needed to walk through them and build the future that we envision for ourselves.

In the past month I’ve walked through some incredible doors. Some doors had big names on them, like my Executive Presence workshops at the headquarters of Google and Georgia Power.  Other doorways were more intimate, as in the closets of clients and in the very personal interviews I’ve been doing as part of my book writing process.  No matter what type of door it was or with whom I was walking, vulnerability and the willingness to be, do and try more were all critical steps in the process. 

It never ceases to amaze me how the topics of image and wardrobe can bring up such incredible moments of vulnerability, even in the workplace.  During my workshops with some of the world’s most brilliant engineering brains, discussions were had on how our image can open (or close) desired doorways of opportunities.  No matter how casual we think the dress code might be, how we choose to “show up” each day matters.  In 2020 I’m excited to have more of these workshops. If you’re looking to host a workshop for Women’s Month (or any other time), let’s schedule a time to talk: https://widerstyle.as.me/workshop

What’s also exciting about 11/11 is a heightened sense of possibility.  The willingness to try new things is strengthened by the confirmation that things are always working out in our favor.  On a recent shopping trip with a client, the comfort zone was stretched, and a pair of leopard stiletto ankle booties were purchased.  Those boots were made not only for walking, but also strutting and sashaying into one’s very best life. And it is this very power to transform and inspire that makes me love this work.  

As we close out this decade, I want to know what doorways you’re walking through.  How will you be showing up and most importantly, what shoes will you be wearing? If the idea of leopard booties excites your highest self, check out my #SmartShopping finds below.

Have a wonderful 11/11 and an amazing week.

Yours in Style, Shopping & Soul,

Leopard is timeless and you’ll have these investment booties FOR-EVER! Wear to work with dresses or pants.
The sturdy heel on these makes this Steve Madden Steal stylish & comfortable.  A rare combination.

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